M.Sc. Psychology (Clinical):


Psychology is defined as the scientific study of human behavior. For generations human have attempted to understand this behavior. WIL provides a two year M.Sc. programme in the discipline of Clinical Psychology. A Clinical Psychologist works to decrease stresses and promote psychological well-being with a variety of population including children, adults and families. Their professional activities include.

Diagnosis:      Interview, test & behavioral observation  
Treatment:    Planning, monitoring 
Therapy and intervention and prevention
Testing:       Intelligence tests, personality tests, aptitude tests.
Research work


B.A/B.Sc with attractive combinations

B.A Level

  • Psychology and English Literature
  • Psychology and Islamic Studies
  • Psychology and Statistics
  • Psychology and Maths A
  • Maths A and Statistics
  • Maths A and Maths B

B.Sc Level

  • Maths A, Maths B and Computer
  • Maths A, Statistics and Computer
  • Maths A, Maths B and Statistics

In Abbottabad there is a dire need for educational institutes that focus the education of women. Women Institute of Learning (WIL) is the only institute which exclusively fosters women education on graduate and post graduate levels. One of the departments of WIL is psychology, which is providing its services not only to this part of the province but all over the country. This department consists of its own library, Psychological Lab and a Counseling Cell, in order to   facilitate the students. The counseling cell is open to all students of Women Institute of learning & Women Medical College in helping to overcome their problems regarding their education as well as social life.

Brief History
The department of psychology started functioning in October 2005. It is affiliated with University of Peshawar. Total Number of seats is 40.This Department has been showing excellent performance in University Of Peshawar for the last five years by achieving different distinctions. Well qualified and pain taking facility has been provided to Psychology Department
Aims and Objectives:
Our aim is to ensure that your knowledge, skills and enthusiasm can be allied with the best support and the finest facilities to enable you to contribute towards progress and future development of the country.
We are offering you a rear amalgamation of practical and relevant knowledge sharpened by transferable skills such as team work, communication and leadership that you need for your future life/career. Students are imparted education in a way that provides academic excellence, originality and a broad vision. We have achieved all this through our qualified faculty. Here students work on real problems, in real times and real life.

Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Psychology.

Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Psychology (PGD) has been launched to provide training to Clinical Psychologist so that they can render their services more effectively and efficiently.

The Psychological Clinic is defined as the facility provided to enrolled students of an institution. As part of their training, clinical psychologist conduct psychological assessments, counseling, psychotherapy, marital, family and vocational guidance on patients and clients of diverse ages and socioeconomics backgrounds with a wide verity of psychological, interpersonal and emotional problems. The Psychological Clinic has psycho-diagnostic and psychotherapy rooms.

Psychological Clinic will offer the following outpatient services to general public.

Psycho diagnosis and psychological testing

  1. Assessment of aptitude, intelligence, general abilities and personality.
  2. Assessment and evaluation of emotional / behavioral / thoughts disturbances.
  3. Measurement of functional levels of mentally retarded / developmentally deficient clients.

Treatment through a variety of Psychological models within a broad eclectic and culture-relevant framework.
Behavioral training for mentally retarded / developmentally deficient clients and emotionally handicapped.

  1. Improving client’s independent functioning skills.
  2. Treating such problems as incontinence, stereotyped behaviors, self-inflected injuries, etc.

Family and martial counseling
Individual, couple and family therapy and counseling in order to promote communication skills and harmonious relationship and eliminate discord between spouses and among family members.
Student counseling and guidance
1. Counseling with regard to academic problems (e.g. memory difficulties, test anxiety, etc,)
2. Vocational / Career Counseling which includes the administration of instruments such as interest and vocational inventories and assisting students in making choices on the basis of skills, competencies, likes and dislikes, and personality traits.
Personnel selection
1. Jon analysis.
2. Administration of Psychological test batteries to determine applicant’s level of intellectual, neuropsychological and personality functioning and suitability for job.
3. Use of depth interviews for evaluation of client’s suitability for job/ promotion.

Department of Psychology, Women Institute of Learning aims to achieve the following objectives:

1.      To expend the growth and strengthen the students of Clinical Psychology as a profession in Abbottabad and to impart specialized training in this field. 
2.      To promote research suited to our own social, cultural environment in psychotherapy, psychological assessment, diagnostic testing, occupational therapy, rehabilitation & other related areas.
3.       To bridge the highly disproportionate gap between “demand’ (needs psychologically treatable patients) and “supply” (availability of qualifies clinical psychotherapists).
4.      To help patients who are mentally disturbed or have behavior problems to function at higher levels, live fuller & richer lives & be able to give more of themselves to their society.
5.      To stop the draining out of talents; it is expected that students aspiring to be clinical psychologist will avail these training facilities provided within the country in an environment which teaches them to do clinical practice in a culturally appropriate way.  



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