The library has a vast collection of books related to the subjects being taught in WIL and also contains books related to religion, fictions, history, poetry and General knowledge. Besides the library has internet facility for student and teachers along with online Journals facility related to the subjects of Pharmacy ,Psychology and Physiotherapy .It also provides a comfortable ,congenial atmosphere for learning, Cd’s on related subjects video cassettes, slides, VCR and multimedia are added to increase the learning capacity in the library.


Eight well equipped labs are available in pharmacy department to facilitate students. They are:

1. Pharmacology Laboratory
2. Microbiology  Laboratory
3. Pharmaceutics Laboratory
4. Biochemistry/ Organic chemistry Laboratory
5. Pharmacognosy Laboratory
6. Industrial Pharmacy Laboratory
7. Instruments/Quality Control Laboratory

8. Computer Laboratory

Self Learning Groups:

The students are divided into groups and are assigned different topics related to academic and community problems. They prepare these topics under supervision & guidance of the faculty and present them in the seminars and tutorial. This practice helps in self-learning and develops confidence among the students.

Students Counseling:

It is a common observation that students during the course of studies, experience problems related to their studies. If these problems are not solved in time, it may affect their physical & mental health. But due to variety of reasons, these students hesitate to seek help leading to develop a gap between problem & its solution. The faculties of this institution encourage the students to come up with their problems, discuss them and find a way out.

Co-curricular Activities:

Different societies are established in the institution to provide a space for co-curricular activities. These societies arrange debates, sport competition, cultural & talent shows and other functions within the premises of the institute. The students are also taken out on excursion trips Botanical trips and Industrial tours accompanied by senior faculty members. 


During the hours of studies, students experience stress & tension. To enjoy the refreshments of their choice, a cafeteria is available within the premises of the institute.


Hostel facility is available to students who wish to become borders. The hostel has all the comforts and facilities under the supervision of committed staff. Hostel Rules and Regulations are strictly followed regarding mess timings, visiting hours and list of visitors given by the parents at the time of admission.


A fleet of buses and other transport facilities are available for pick and drop and other co-curricular activities for the students.


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