The modern era societies have great concern about the health of their people, so they are engaged with multi disciplinary team work of highly qualified Pharmacists , physicians, Surgeons, Anatomist, Pharmacologist, Botanist, Pathologist etc to optimize better health care delivery for boosting up the health of their public. The explosion of new drugs products in the market has compelled who are better trained to understand how these drugs exert their actions, travel through the body and interact with one another. Pharmacy is among the primal pyramids of health sector, taking a quantum lap towards research and development, similar to its other counter-parts.the profession of Pharmacy has evolved from its traditional role of compounding the drugs to the pharmaceutical care, the design and development of magic drugs their formulations and the ongoing research in medical and pharmaceutical fields to meet the needs of modern society and ailing humanity. The Department of Pharmacy at WIL provides the excellent teaching and training to female genders of this area which was achieved to them especially. The education imparted is comparable to any modern system of the country including electronic media and modern technology of learning. The rigour of our academic programme, the selection of modern courses, teaching faculty and access to state of the art facilities at our campus will add perkarched and recognition of the degree we will be awarding to our students

Scope of Pharmacy
Community/Retail Pharmacy: This area involves the practice of pharmacy in community settings or retail outlets. Pharmacists, in the community settings, are actively involved in educating patients, maintaining and monitoring drug records and providing information resource of highest caliber. This is very rapidly growing area of pharmacy profession in which the pharmacists are deployed at store levels leading to the management positions in chain drug pharmacies or themselves become the owner of their own pharmacies.

Hospital and other Institutional Settings: The expansion of health care needs the society puts the hospital pharmacists in a position to have direct involvement in the patient care beside it established roles of control, supply and distribution of drugs, management functions, personnel administration ,system development and planning. Hospital pharmacist continues to become more involved in providing patient-oriented services: the demand for practitioners in this area of pharmacy continue to grow.

Managed care Pharmacy: Managed care pharmacy services are extended heath delivery system services that provides the pharmaceutical care at the primary/or preventive level. Increasingly, pharmacists are employed in various capacities within managed care organization .Managed care is a system designed to optimize patient care and outcomes and foster quality through greater coordination of medical and pharmaceutical services.

Pharmaceutical Industry: Another career option in the pharmacy is represented by the pharmaceutical industry. Here, pharmacists are employed in manufacturing product development/research, quality control, marketing, sales and administration. Many pharmacists obtain a postgraduate degree in order to meet the technical demands and scientific duties required in the pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Other fields in Pharmacy: Pharmacists use their basic educational background in a host of federal, state and professional positions. At the federal or provincial level, pharmacist hold post like drug inspectors, drug controllers, pharmacist/chief pharmacists at drug testing laboratories and also as Commissioned officers in Pakistan Armed Forces. Pharmacists with interest and special talents in organizational work also guide several national professional associations. There are pharmacist in advertising, packaging, technical writing, magazine editing and science reporting. There are pharmacists with legal training who are serving as patent lawyers or as experts in pharmaceutical law.


The aim of this institute is to develop in the pupils those qualities, which will fit them to fill worthily their places in their homes and in society. With a view to sound character formation and the inculcation of high ideas of morality and integrity, great stress is laid on Valued Education Classes. The pupils are taught to have a special concern for the environment and to respect life in all its forms.

"Education makes people easy to lead, but difficult to drive, easy to govern, but impossible to enslave"

M.Sc. Psychology (Clinical):
Psychology is defined as the scientific study of human behavior. For generations human have attempted to understand this behavior. WIL provides a two year M.Sc. programme in the discipline of Clinical Psychology. A Clinical Psychologist works to decrease distress and promote psychological well-being with a variety of population including children, adults and families. Their professional activities include.
• Diagnosis: Interview, test & behavioral observation
• Treatment: Planning, monitoring
Therapy and intervention and prevention
• Testing: Intelligence tests, personality tests, aptitude tests.
• Research work

In Abbottabad there is a dire need for educational institutes that focus the education of women. Women Institute of Learning (WIL) is the only institute which exclusively fosters women education on graduate and post graduate levels. One of the departments of WIL is psychology, which is providing its services not only to this part of the province but all over the country. This department consists of its own library, Psychological Lab and a Counseling Cell, in order to facilitate the students. The counseling cell is open to all students of Women Institute of learning & Women Medical College in helping to overcome their problems regarding their education as well as social life.

Brief History
The department of psychology started functioning in October 2005. It is affiliated with University of Peshawar. Total Number of seats are 40.
In the annual examination 2007, student of M.Sc Psychology final stood First and also achieved 3rd and 5th position as well in the Peshawar University and many students of M.Sc previous achieved different positions in the Peshawar University. With in two years this department achieved all the targets by the grace of Almighty Allah. In order to maintain excellent results, this institution is trying its best. Well qualified and pain taking faculty has been provided to Psychology students. The credit of the better performance goes to faculty members of the department who worked day and night to achieve their targets.

Aims and Objectives:
Our aim is to ensure that your knowledge, skills and enthusiasm can be allied with the best support and the finest facilities to enable you to contribute towards progress and future development of the country.
We can offer you a rear amalgamation of practical and relevant knowledge sharpened by transferable skills such as team work, communication and leadership that you will need for your future life/career. Students are imparted education in a way that provides academic excellence, originality and a broad vision. We achieve this through our qualified faculty. Here students work on real problems, in real times and real life.


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